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Brave By the Stars

What would you say if I told you this year has one last curve ball for us? WAIT!! Before you run screaming, you’re going to want to know more about this one, because it’s actually very, very positive.

The final solar eclipse of 2020 falls on December 14, and the super-charged new Moon arrives in Sagittarius on the same day. Long story short, it means that intellectual Mercury and ambitious Mars will be right behind you if you set a powerful intention for what you want to achieve in 2021.

Not only that, but hang onto your hats because Venus, the ruler of love and beauty enters bold Sagittarius the very next day, December 15. That means it’s time to use some of that Mercury/Mars Mojo to ask for what you really want from a relationship. This is the time to take that chance you’ve been daydreaming about. With Sagittarius on your side, it’s always a good opportunity to be BRAVE.

The unprecedented times take a decidedly positive turn from December 17 when disciplined Saturn enters innovative Aquarius, where it will stay for 3 years! Two days later, on the 19th, fruitful Jupiter enters generous Aquarius where it will stay for the entirety of 2021. Collectively, these combinations of discipline and innovation plus fruitfulness and generosity will see great leaps forward in humanitarian causes and thinking around equality. I kid you not.

On December 21, the Sun, ruler of our egos enters ambitious Capricorn, so again we’re encouraged to set specific goals and intentions for ourselves. The Sun in Capricorn does like to focus on achieving tangible results, so it’s not about setting New Year’s resolutions we know we’ll forget about easily, but given that the heavenly body involved is the Sun itself, it seems to say we shouldn’t go too easy on ourselves either.

Set goals that are going to challenge you, stretch you and take you at least a little bit out of your comfort zone. The planets are aligned and 2020 has made us hard as nails!

When it comes to goal setting for 2021, it’s definitely time to be BRAVE.

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