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More holiday cheese, please


I don’t know about you but I’m finding it hard to get into the Christmas groove. Could be because I live in Melbourne and 2021 has been a hard, long year with multiple lockdowns (I remember thinking at the end of 2020 that 2021 would be so much better…), or the fact that I’ve realised through the months of staying at home that I’m actually more of an introvert than I thought.

Whatever the reason, I’m just not vibing with the festive season.

So, I tried something, quite by accident.

I started watching those cheesy Christmas-themed romance/inspo films like A Castle for Christmas (Brooke Shields and the Princess Bride’s Carey Elwes), Christmas Inheritance (Andie MacDowell) and any Christmas film with Dolly Parton (Christmas on the Square is a satisfying watch). The new Aussie film Christmas on the Farm (Stan) is fun too.

These films are a bit of a ‘thing’ in pop culture now...ironic viewing at first but it seems like there’s something that happens to your brain when you watch them...and it’s a good thing.

The Christms rom-com season has become a much anticipated event and I reckon the film Love Actually has something to do with it. I get into this every year on Twitter but I am firmly in the camp of not loving this film. When I saw it at the movies I loved the actors in it but thought it was cringeworthy, except for that scene with Emma Thompson when she opens the present from her husband (the late, wonderful Alan Rickman), thinking it’s a necklace (he gave it to his PA/lover) but it’s a Joni Mitchell CD. Brilliant scene. The rest...meh…

Maybe I’m mellowing but I don’t hate on Love Actually as much as I used and for 90 minutes or so I’ve enjoyed the escape of these improbable rom-coms where I daydream about being a writer hidden away at a castle and warming to the grumpy/sexy duke who owns it.

A girl can dream, even if it’s completely ridiculous (except if you're Aussie Princess Mary who met her Prince at a pub).


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