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Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling, looking for some intelligent entertainment?  How do we know? Because we're doing it too. 

What if, once a month we sent you a free newsletter that had some long-form journalism about all sorts of interesting topics so you could settle in for a good read like you used to with a magazine? And what if it also had a few discount offers tucked away inside, in case you felt like a bed-time shopping spree? 

Maybe you're trying not to indulge in "wine time" every night. How do we know? Because we are too. How about a monthly newsletter that offers support options for life's real challenges because this isn't Instagram baby. This is real info for real people living right now? 

How about an empowering monthly astrology forecast, in either written or podcast form to let you know how to cope with the craziest dates in the calendar? And some real dinner ideas, quick and easy, that children will eat and you can pick at later when you've recovered from the drama of the witching hour? 

While we're at it, how are you sleeping? How about some help with that and other lifestyle challenges we've been dealing with since the birth of 2020? Maybe some alternatives to "wine time".


It's a crazy time to be alive no doubt about it, but it's not the first time the world has been crazy, and don't forget, we may need rest sometimes, but we are Brave.

If you would like to join us, just leave your details below.   


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