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We speak with some of Australia's most captivating entertainers, comedians and personalities and ask, how do you calm ya farm?

Wellness tips from the most unlikely of gurus. 

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Walter mikac

Walter Mikac has always been a pragmatic man. The rebuild after the loss of his family was slow and steady and he has some unforgettable insights to offer.

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Geraldine Hickey

Comedian Geraldine Hickey drew on an earlier crap-tastic trauma when Covid came to stay, and she got organised.​


Jamila Rizvi

Jamila Rizvi visited Dr Google in 2017 and ended up in crap-tastic times.

Jamila Rizvi’s most recent books are "Untold Resilience: Stories of Courage, Survival and Love", a collection of stories about older Australian women and "I’m a Hero Too", a book for children.

Learn more about Jamila via her website here.

Listen to her episode here.

Andy Saunders

Andy Saunders is dead set Meshel Laurie’s favourite comedian. He’s always been reliable for big laughs and great advice during crap-tastic times, but where does he get his inspo from?


Jane caro

Jane Caro is a forthright feminist speaker and author who loves to share her opinion on any topic. It’s hard to believe she lived in existential fear until she peered over the precipice of ultimate loss, but it set her up with a unique take on crap-tastic times.  


Rev Tim Costello

Reverand Tim Costello is one of this country’s most well known social justice activists.

So how does an angel cope when a pandemic has clipped his wings?


Sarah wilson

Sarah Wilson is a minimalist with extreme anxiety and bi polar who’s never felt more powerful. Hear how she’s been emboldened by these crap-tastic times.

Sarah’s new book is called “This One Wild and Precious Life”.


Rose batty, ao

Rosie Batty’s name has become synonymous with courage and resilience. With her usual unflinching honesty, she spoke to us about her lonely lockdown experience in 2020.



(The Greek GoddeSs)

Good thanks. Effie Stefanidis has been at the forefront of Australian culture for over 30 years, not to mention Australian hairdressing. If you think she doesn’t have some valuable insights into overcoming crap-tastic times, you need to take a set at the basin and listen up.


matt okine

Matt Okine is a sensitive guy. He’s a writer, actor, comedian and father, and works hard at keeping that creative brain together during crap-tastic times.




Jabba lost his mind after being locked in a glass box with Regurgitator for television purposes in 2004. He now reviews movies on Sunrise. He knows a bit about pulling it back together after crap-tastic times.



christian hull

Christian Hull’s comedy videos have had over 600 million views across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok. Laughter and self-acceptance are his weapons against crap-tastic times..



Jess Eva

Jess Eva worked in regional radio for 15 years being told she wasn’t good enough for the big jobs. Now she’s got the biggest radio job in the country - Triple M Breakfast in Sydney with Lawrence “the Moonman” Mooney. It’s brought on some crap-tastic times in her own mind, but she’s found some interesting strategies.


Yvie jones returns!

Yvie Jones is back with more of her beautiful brand of wisdom for coping with crap-tastic times. This time, she’s taking on Menopause with all the honestly, hilarity and excellent advice you’d expect, from Yvie Jones.


Eddie perfect

One of Australia’s most diverse, respected and prolific writer/ composer/ performers, now living in New York, Eddie Perfect, gives us these lessons on living through the 'new normal'.


simon hall

(aka yon) 

Yon is the most unassuming member of comedy trio Tripod, but always has a unique perspective on the world. He can even find things to love about crap-tastic times.


Kate jones

Too Peas in a Podcast started as an outlet for Kate Jones and her friend Mandy Hose to get together and chat to each other about their neurodiverse kids. Thanks to their wit and charm, it’s attracted a massive audience of listeners from all walks of life. So how does Kate lead her family to calmer farms through crap-tastic times?


Michael lallo

Michael Lallo calls his friendship group his “logical family”. He reckons they can save your life if you let them. That’s just one of his tips for surviving crap-tastic times.


dr susan carland

Could religion be helpful in calming ya farm? Dr Susan Carland is a social scientist, an academic and a UNICEF ambassador. She’s the author of “Fighting Hislam, Women, Faith and Sexism” and the host of the SBS quiz show “Child Genius”. She’s also one of Australia’s most visible Muslims, possibly because she converted to Islam having been raised Christian in suburban Melbourne.


Annette & Stuart Baker 

This episode is a lesson about what some people in our community need from the rest of us when trying to survive crap-tastic times.


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Michael lallo

Michael Lallo calls his friendship group his “logical family”. He reckons they can save your life if you let them. That’s just one of his tips for surviving crap-tastic times.



Fans of Yorkshire’s favourite morning radio show, “Hirsty’s Daily Dose” were shocked discover the host mysteriously MIA one morning in 2014. Six weeks later they discovered their favourite radio funny man was now a funny lady. Stephanie Hirst talks about the massive step she took to Calm her Farm.



Jamie Pultz is the creator of true crime podcasts “Beenham Valley Road” and “Who Killed Leanne Holland”. He’s a former copper who still spends his days investigating crime only now he has to deal with internet trolls too. So what has it all taught him about calming his farm?


Alain de Botton

British philosopher Alain de Botton has written on many topics but returns often to love, arguably our greatest challenge. He says that “romance” is an 18th Century fabrication and we’re raised on a diet of fantasy that condemns us to disappointment, but he does have some advice for surviving crap-tastic relationship times?


Yvie Jones

Yvie Jones became your favourite goggleboxer and contestant on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”. Yvie has spoken out publicly about her mental health many times. So how does she keep in check?ow does she keep in check



Urzila Carlson is one of Australia's favourite people and possibly the only woman who could replace Lindsay Lohan. You know she is going to have good advice for crap-tastic times.



Rob Hunter was a 20 year old teacher in 1977 when he and 9 young students were kidnapped at gunpoint. You can buy his book "Day 9 at Wooreen" here. How did Rob recover...?



Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie Anderson won Australia's Got Talent when she was 12 and then opted to finish school before pursuing a career.


Rachel berger

She was an over-achieving trailblazing woman of the 80s and now she calms her farm on an actual.


Kyle Sandilands

Say what you like about King Kyle, but the dude is calm. He's also one of the most loved performers Australia has ever produced...



Lisa Westgate

How are you going to deal with serious trauma? Lisa Westgate was a paramedic and she has a few ideas about regaining your sanity.




Constance Hall is so much more than a mummy blogger, and she knows how to keep it together in crap-tastic times.




Uncle Jack Charles is an Australian living treasure, actor, writer and Aboriginal Elder. Find peace through connecting with his story.



HOW DOES lynne?

Home and Away's Lynne McGranger shares her tips for not losing the plot. (YES, it's Irene!)




How's your noggin? Comedian Anthony "Lehmo" Lehman shares his tips for keeping it together in crap-tastic times.




"I thought I had my resilience mechanism pretty sorted. But then of course, 2020 came along and said, 'Oh really'," - Meshel Laurie