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You need to take your bestie to see Effie.

Effie the Greek Goddess is touring Australia in 2021 with her new show Better Out Than In. It’s the post-lockdown, hair-letdown we all need for sure, but if you haven’t had a chance to hear Effie on our Calm Ya Farm podcast yet, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Effie is still hilarious, outrageous and fully up herself, but she’s also a middle-aged woman who’s genuinely comfortable in her own skin.

Mary Coustas created Effie 30 years ago. As Mary faced life’s challenges, including a truly epic journey to motherhood, she allowed her comedic alter-ego to grow and face challenges too. It’s an uncommon risk to take with a comedic character, but Mary Coustas is a rare gem of a human being as anyone lucky enough to know her will attest.

As much as the Effie we met in the 80s, who was a sassy young hairdresser striving to break free from her restrictive Greek family was a reflection of the courage Mary saw and admired in the boldest of her peers, so too Effie 2021 is everything we love about happy grown-up women. She loves freely because she genuinely knows and loves herself. For the same reason, she’s kind without allowing anyone to take advantage of her. She knows she’s smart, but she doesn’t have to make anyone else feel stupid to prove it, and most of all, she gives the gift of laughter like a warm hug wherever she goes, because she can. That’s her thing, but she doesn’t expect everyone else to be able to do it.

The thing is, we can’t all serve big laughs and big hair like Effie, but we can all give in our own ways. We can’t compare ourselves to others and expect to feel content. Ever. We can only hope to become better versions of ourselves. That’s a bit BRAVE, isn’t it?

A night with Effie is a masterclass in happiness and I can’t think of a time we’ve needed or deserved it more, frankly.

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