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Setting Your Intention: the First Step to Changing Your Life.

In Episode 5 of the Calm Ya Farm podcast, life-coach and PTSD survivor Lisa Westgate talked about the fact that her clients tend to be very clear about what they don’t want their lives to be like in the future, but when she asks them what they DO want for themselves, they usually don’t know.

Do you know what you do want your future to look like?

How clearly could you describe what you want your life to look like 5 years from now? Or 10 years from now?

Many spiritual practices talk about setting intentions in one way or another. Manifesting is the idea that if we think clearly and purposefully enough about what we want in our lives, we can make it happen. To suggest we can attract a lottery win to ourselves may seem a bit far-fetched, but it does make sense that the more clearly we define what it is we are trying to achieve, the more likely we’ll be able to make it happen, right?

As Lisa Westgate says, most of her clients tell her that all they want in the future is “to be happy.” Sure, that’s what we all want but happiness means different things to all of us. How can I expect to achieve more happiness in my life if I’m not actively pursuing a specific set of circumstances that will bring me happiness?

The first thing I have to do, and that we all have to do is figure out what the circumstances are that will bring us happiness. Then we can get working toward them. That’s where setting intentions becomes important.

If happiness for you looks like a different living situation, then perhaps it would be helpful to set the intention to move by the end of 2021. That very clear goal gives you any number of checkpoints to mark in your diary right now and to work towards in lots of ways every day.

If happiness for you looks like a health transformation, then Rebel Wilson’s “Year of Health” in 2020 is the gold standard. What a fantastic example of a person pinpointing what happiness specifically looked like for her and setting her intention to achieve it.

Gaining clarity around what happiness actually means for you is often weirdly difficult, so don’t feel embarrassed if you’re realising you can’t answer the question straight away. We humans tend to put a lot more energy into thinking about negatives, like what he “hate” about our lives, then we do about what we’d like more of. It’s sadly quite normal.

Good luck trying to figure that big question out and setting that intention. Let us know how you go. Leave us a free SpeakPipe voicemail, or tag us on Instagram with any revelations. #calmingmyfarm @calmyafarm_


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