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Self-care in seconds

Free, easy self-care practices you can do at home, (or in your car). Self-care doesn’t have to mean an expensive massage or facial treatment. How many of these simple things have you done for yourself lately?

How nice would it feel to take a little time out for yourself for one or two (or five) of these simple and totally free practices?

Make your bed.

Make it beautifully in the morning so that every time you walk past your bedroom you get that glorious feeling of knowing a perfect bed awaits you. If you haven’t washed that doona in a while, (no judgement) give it a good going over. You might want to throw your dressing gown in too.

Clean up your workspace.

Whether it’s all those files saved on your virtual desktop or all the coffee cups and crumbs on the top of your actual desk, (or both), we can grow so accustomed to the clutter that we forget how great the space was when we first lovingly set it up. Give yourself back that feeling with a spring clean.

Celebrate some wins.

Write a list of everything you’ve achieved in the last 5 years.

Ok so 2020 was a quagmire, but I bet if you look back over the last 5 years, you’ll be able to put together a list of things to feel good about. Whether it’s realising you’ve grown out that undercut you never thought you’d see the end of or that you don’t bight your nails anymore.

Crack open those beauty treatment gifts you’ve forgotten about.

Dig out one of those fancy potions in the back of your bathroom cabinet. The ones you’ve been given as gifts by secret Santas and in-laws who don’t know you very well. Aaahhh yes, now you’re kind of remembering that stash aren’t you? Why not actually crack them open and give them a try while watching a Netflix doco tonight?

Sit alone in your car somewhere nice.

It can be very difficult to get some alone time to read, listen to a podcast, meditate or talk to a friend on the phone uninterrupted. Have you ever tried taking a little break in your car on the way home from work? Maybe a little detour by a nice park in your neighbourhood or the beach? And what if you were to pull over and sit for 10 or 15 minutes, just for some alone time? Would that be the end of the world?

Have toast for tea.

The simplest but somehow the last one we seem to think of. On those afternoons when you feel like you’d give anything to lie down and rest but you’ve still got to get the dinner sorted, well, maybe you actually don’t. There are probably lots of leftovers in the fridge, there’s probably someone else who can deal with it, and there’s probably bread, a toaster, baked beans, spaghetti, eggs and all sorts of things our Grandparents would have eaten very happily any night of the week. Take that nap, no one’s going to starve.

We’d love for you to add to the list! Leave us a free voicemail on our SpeakPipe here, or tag us in your self-care posts on instagram @calmyafarm_ #CalmingMyFarm.

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