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2020 … well in the words of Jamie Lawson” I wasn’t expecting that …”

Hi there, it’s Kate and Mandy here from too peas in a podcast.

Unexpected events are sort of the norm in our homes, and we feel like we are pretty battle ready for whatever life will dish up. However, googling what is the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic what was not what we thought we would be doing a week after our first (and only) sell out live show in Sydney. (We will be back, maybe, when we are allowed to be in a room with people again …)

But hey … 2020 we all learnt a lot of things, didn’t we?

Reproductive value of a virus, tick.

Rolling average and an obsession with graphs, tick.

Celebrating birthdays without loved ones, tick.

Remote learning!! TICK!

But in between all this chaos some pretty awesome things happened for the peas …

We met Mia Freedman and went on No filter and she came to our live show! We not only got a book deal, we wrote a book during a pandemic whilst home schooling our awesome kids (and don’t @me we know its not home school unless its from the home schooling region of France, it’s just ‘sparkling remote learning’ but it sure bloody felt like home schooling, we were at home, doing school!). We had a cup of tea with Annabel Crabb, were ambassadors for carers week, oh and got nominated for Australians of the year!!! Didn’t win a podcast award, but got nominated! Does that count?

We ‘met’ amazing humans over zoom, Meshel Laurie, Nellie Thomas, Kurt Fernely and ordinary pea parents from across the globe who shared their lives with all of us, and we got to share with everyone what we all knew, everyone has a story.

We felt our amazing community grow and support each other and little by little our dream of “no one feeling lonely anymore” has begun to happen.

So, as well as living through a global pandemic we really had the most amazing events happen, because people downloaded our podcast and listened to two middle aged women with no experience but a lot to say! So yep we cried our way through 2020 just like you, we all deserve an award for surviving this year, but remember this we never once had to feel guilty about not spending enough time with the kids!!

Fingers crossed 2021 sees us all out and about, but not matter what we can all connect through podcasts, and that is worth celebrating,

Mandy and Kate xx


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